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Unknown Vegetables: Sopropo, Tasty and Healthy

There are many well-known vegetables that we can choose from. Vegetables that come out of the greenhouse or from the cold ground on a large scale. In addition, there are vegetables that are already longer, but by no means have that reputation. Yet these vegetables are also worth a try. The sopropo from the cucumber family is one of them. What kind of vegetables is this exactly? How healthy is this sopropo and how can you use the vegetables in the meal?

Sopropo, the basis

Sopropo is a herbaceous, fast-growing climbing plant that gets small, yellow flowers and carries long cucumber-like fruits. Sopropo belongs to the cucumber family and is originally from Southeast Asia. The plant is grown for consumption in several parts of China, the Caribbean and Suriname. In the Netherlands, the fruit of this plant is mainly for sale in local markets, the more exclusive greengrocer’s shop and in tropical or Asian markets.

Since the vegetables are also grown in other countries, the sopropo sometimes differs slightly from the original version. For example the Surinamese sopropo, which is thicker and darker in color than the Southeast Asian specimens (from India and Thailand). The Surinamese sopropo can be up to thirty centimeters long. In terms of taste, the sopropo from the different countries does not really differ from each other.

Other names for the vegetable

In Suriname, the name sopropo is used most often for this vegetable. Other countries sometimes give different names, such as in India. There the vegetables are called ‘karela’ or ‘karaila’ and in Thailand they call it ‘mara’. Finally, in the Netherlands sopropo is sometimes called ‘bitter melon’ or ‘balsam pear’.

The plant gets large single growth shoots that can grow up to ten meters long and they look grooved and coarse. The moment this vegetable can best be consumed is when the vegetable is still green and unripe. The flesh of the sopropo is pale green in color and very juicy. When the vegetable ripens further, it becomes yellow to orange in color and gets a very bitter taste, which does not mean that the fruit can also be eaten.


You can also grow Sopropo yourself. You can grow the seeds in your own breeding box. Put them in breeding pots between April and June, the temperature must be between 22-25 ºC. After about four weeks you can plant them out in a hobby greenhouse. If the plants begin to grow, the stems must be properly tied and they must be watered regularly (manually or with a dropper).

The 4 Best Rowing Machines – Find the best one for You

Being calm is a unique form of exercise and one of the best there is. You get the whole body activated, all the muscles while improving the condition. It makes it an ideal form of exercise for the vast majority of people. When you want to start exercising, it can be difficult to choose the best course of action. You want to build muscle, but at the same time you want to burn calories and lose some fat. With a good rowing machine you can do this at the same time.

Of course, you can join a fitness center and use the machines that are located here, but if you have trouble finding time to move there, then it is a better idea to get one for your home. In this way, you save time and it is always easy to train. You can jump on it just when you get up, or calm down for a ride before supper.

But which rowing machine should you choose?

There are several things to think through. Here we will go through some of the things you need to be aware of, so you can hopefully find the one that best suits your needs. In addition, you will look at 4 of the best rowing machines that you can strongly consider acquiring if you want to get started with this training form.

What resistance should the machine have?

There are basically three different ways a rowing machine can create resistance: water, air or magnetism. Water resistance is created by means of a small tank which is filled with liquid. The machine’s oars move through this, creating a very authentic experience. However, it can be difficult to adjust the resistance force more precisely.

The test winner CONCEPT2 is based on wind resistance. Here is a turbine where the strength can be controlled by means of the display. Wind resistance can be supplemented with magnetism, which can for example sit in the seat rail.

Programs and the display

Another important feature to consider is the digital features. Depending on which model you choose, they can vary greatly in how advanced they are. The expensive the machine is, the more settings and options are most often there. The model that has been voted the best of the cheapest, the Kettler Rover Axos , is an excellent choice in terms of price and quality, but you do not get as much accurate information on display.

With a more sophisticated model like Abilica Windrower 2.0 you have to pay a little more, but on the other hand, you get the option to set more precise training programs as well as calorie burn and heart rate pulse information (find it here ).

Lose weight with Shakes – The Diet with Shakes

More and more manufacturers are claiming that you can lose weight with shakes. The shakes can then be used as meal replacements, but does the diet with shakes really work?

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Lose weight with diet shakes

Diet shakes are also referred to as meal replacements by nutritionists and weight loss experts. In theory you should therefore drink a shake and replace an entire meal with it. In addition to shakes, there are also other types of meal replacements such as diet bars and pre-packaged appetizers. But do these meal replacements really work?

Losing weight with shakes

Weight loss is very easy on paper. You only have to eat 500 fewer calories per day to lose half a kilo in a week. In reality, losing weight appears to be difficult. This is due to the busy schedules of people and the abundance of different food choices. The producers of shakes and meal replacements are under the assumption that most of us don’t know how many calories we get in a day.

With packaged food you can calculate the calories from the list on the packaging, but in practice this is not so easy with most meals that we eat. Many of our meals can contain 700 to 800 calories without us realizing it. With three meals a day of 750 calories, you will quickly reach a total of 2,250 calories. An average woman only needs 1800 to 2200 calories per day. The average person needs around 2000 to 2500 calories per day.

If you also add snacks and occasionally some candy. Then most of us consume much more calories than we need. Then we have not yet included alcohol or other high-calorie drinks such as soft drinks.

Replacing one or two meals a day with a fixed and known amount of calories will drastically reduce the total number of calories on a day. In other words: instead of eating a meal that could have 750 calories, you can drink a shake with 250 calories. You have then reduced the usual number of calories by 500. Do this every day for a week and you will find that you lose the necessary pounds. To make the shakes taste better, they can be mixed with fruit such as: bananas , oranges and strawberries

Male Breast Development (Gynecomastia)

Breast (Gynecomastia) in men is usually a normal condition. It occurs in approx. 40% of boys in puberty. Gynecomastia may occur on one or both sides.

This is probably due to hormonal effects, although not seen in any blood tests. Before the operation, another cause of the condition is excluded: obesity, alcohol abuse, abuse of anabolic steroids, hormone-producing nodules in testes and adrenal glands, as well as metabolic disorders and breast cancer, very rare in men. If you are overweight, a weight loss is recommended before surgery.


Your condition will be further investigated and together we will assess the type of operation that suits you best and whether you should be hormonally diagnosed, which in most cases is not necessary. The operation with advantages, disadvantages and possible complications is reviewed. You may have a friend or relatives with you during the consultation


The operation can take place both in local anesthesia and in full anesthesia. It is performed as a sharp liposuction. Saltwater with local anesthesia and adrenaline is injected into the fat and glandular tissue. Through one to two holes cut and suck fat and gland tissue with a sharp suction needle having a diameter of 4 mm. This hardly comes any way and the result is very smooth. You can also operate by cutting the edge of the nipple, but it is rarely necessary. Men who have had a large weight loss can have pendants. In this condition, which is not really gynecomastia, the excess skin must be removed, which is a much larger operation.


Blood collection is seen in a few cases. If the operation is performed with sharp suction, the blood can often be pressed out. In very few cases, the blood must be removed by a small operation. Infection, sensory disturbances, decreased sensation and pain can be experienced. For unknown reasons, the nipple chest in some patients is often sore for months. This is normal and cannot be treated. It disappears in most cases. Smoking increases the risk of complications such as infection and less neat scars, which is why you are advised to stop smoking during surgery. A completely smooth and thus perfect result can only rarely be achieved. There can also be a slight difference between the two sides.

After surgery

You will get a tight bandage or vest. This must be worn for 7 days. You can go bathing the day after surgery. Sports or other hard physical activity involving the chest muscle should be avoided for 3 weeks. Illness, depending on work, 0-2 weeks. Normally, no threads should be removed. You will be offered control approx. 3 months after surgery. The result is usually lasting provided normal and healthy living.
You are very welcome to have a friend or relatives in the consultation.

Beard – Bacteria in the Beard

Beards are beautiful, a fashion, a statement, a sign of laziness or lack of care. Men wear beards for various reasons or do not need a reason to leave a beard. The hair just grows and some leave it that way. Others pay a lot of attention to the hair on their chins and take care of the beard with attention. Research shows that there are a lot of bacteria in beards. Just as much as on the toilet seat. Who would want a beard or kiss with someone with facial hair? beard growth vitamins Or is the soup not eaten as hot as it is served?

Bacteria in the beard

Bacteria in the beard

A beard is hip, or just warm under the chin. A sign of masculinity or a part of the experience of faith. Microbiologists discovered after research that a beard can also be unhygienic. Some beards are so dirty that the state of hygiene is comparable to that of an average toilet. Or even more dirty.

Dirty like toilet seat

American researchers started using cotton swabs and passed them through a couple of test subjects. The harvest was grown and the material that came out of the beards turned out to score very well in the field of bacteria. Or very bad, it is just how you look at it. Microbiologist John Golobic of Quest Diagnostics in New Mexico was surprised by the number of bacteria he and his fellow researchers found in facial hair.

Poop bacteria

There are bacteria that you would expect, but there were also bacteria found in faeces. Poop bacteria – it is actually bacteria that occur in the intestines and therefore also in shit – should not be in a beard, you would say. Normally for a toilet, but in a beard? And yet they are in it. It turns out that beards are great gathering places for many bacteria.


Scientific research shows that beards can spread diseases, but we are not allowed to shave all beard men together. Men with beards do not have to get sick of their eldorado for germs or to be a source of contamination for others. They must then pay attention to their beards and wash them regularly. There is generally poor hygiene in bearded bearers and the research of microbiologists reveals that very finely.

Stiff facial hair

That it is the beards where the bacteria thrive because of bad care but also because of the structure of the hair. Facial hair is stiffer than other hair and therefore contains more germs. It easily catches bacteria and other dirt. A lot of touching the beard contributes to the hair becoming dirty and to the spread of the bacteria.

Men with beards

In general, the beard contains the same bacteria that are found everywhere on the skin, plus some extras. Men with beards obviously have more bacteria than men with bald chins or women…

How fast is the Beard and Hair Grow?

There are several reasons why one can be impatient with hair growth. Perhaps you have just been to the hairdresser who cut the hair too short. Perhaps you are busy getting one of the popular full beards.

There are plenty of reasons, but then the question is just: How quickly does hair grow on us humans?

If you look for a specific answer to the question, then the hair from the hair follicle grows by approx. 0.3 to 0.4 mm a day. This corresponds to a hair growth of about 1.2 cm a month, and to approx. 14.4 cm a year. However, it is an average speed, because hair growth is not constant and stable.

Hair has periods of growth, but also hibernation. If you set aside a year to grow a beard, then this clip shows what you can look forward to.

Can you get beards to grow faster?

When it becomes popular to have a full beard and you don’t have time to wait several months before it looks like something, it might be nice to have a quick fix.

Unfortunately, there is no method that can help you build a full beard of less than one month, it is physically impossible. But something you can actually do to help beard growth a bit on the way.

Biotin Supplements

A healthy and varied diet helps ensure that your body has the best conditions for optimal hair growth. However, it is not always a varied diet that covers your vitamin needs. In particular, biotin, which is part of the vitamin B, is important for your hair, skin and nails.

It is confirmed that biotin improves the infrastructure of the body’s keratin, which is the protein of your hair.

If you do not get enough biotin through the diet, you can advantageously implement it as a tablet dietary supplement. Participants in a study in 2015 experienced a noticeable improvement in both hair growth and hair quality, after a period of 90 and 180 days of daily intake of biotin. The people who participated in the study were already in thin hair.

If you suffer from thin hair, poor beard growth and hair loss, it is especially good to take extra biotin. However, one must expect that it takes between 90 and 180 days before one can clearly see an improvement.

In addition, there are also several benefits to implementing biotin grants for its diet plan, see them all below.

How does biotin help ?:

Contributes to healthy and strong hair and nails.
Helps maintain a normal blood sugar level.
Helps the body fight stress.
Plays a role in the conversion of fat to energy.
When to take extra biotin ?:

When drinking large amounts of alcohol.
When suffering from very thin hair and hair loss.
When you do with stress

You must eat and drink after strength training

Your diet is at least as important as your training. Therefore, you need to keep track of the diet if you want to achieve good results with strength training.

In fact, many experts believe the diet is even more important than training. Without the proper diet, your body does not function properly, which is why. goes beyond muscle building.

man with protein food showing thumbs up

Protein powder or skimmed milk

After strength training your body should use approx. 20-30 grams of high quality protein. At the same time, this protein must be quickly absorbed by the body so that the muscles immediately benefit from the protein.

Our muscles are made of protein, which in turn is built of amino acids. The right composition of amino acids is essential, as the body may not properly utilize this protein.

Protein powder is made from the right amino acids, so with a protein shake after training, your muscles get the right conditions for growth.

If you do not like protein powder, then the second best solution is skimmed milk. Skimmed milk also contains many good amino acids, and the composition reminds a lot about protein powder.

Carbohydrate helps in your recovery

If you drink a protein shake after exercise, you should also remember some carbohydrate. Grape sugar is one of the best, as it is super fast.

Normally, you should avoid these fast carbohydrates, but right after training it helps to restore your muscles. Add a little carbohydrate after your workout.

If you drink skimmed milk, then it is already carbohydrate in, so here you do not need to add extra carbohydrates. Some forms of protein powder also contain carbohydrates.

Chicken and lean meat
Chicken and lean meat are also excellent sources of high quality protein, but this type of protein is slowly catching up.

Therefore, meat is better at other times, so your body always has access to the important protein. After training, however, a protein shake is better as it provides a quick boost to the required protein.

At the same time, it is difficult to take meat for training. Before bedtime, lean meat is really good as the body has access to good protein all night.

Make Your own Strength Training Program

How do I get strength training?

It is probably the question most often encountered when dealing with strength training. And I’m sorry to say I don’t have the perfect answer to this question.

It depends on how you like to train and what results you hope for. I can give you some guidelines, but there is only one who knows what is best for you: YOU!

Making a strength training program may seem daunting, but it is actually really fun when you have the basics.

First of all, how do you train today?Does it work? Does it make you stronger and healthier? If the answer is yes, then finally know! However, if you are a beginner, or do you want to do things a little better, then it is good to know all the elements of a strength training program – so you can make one for yourself.

Strength Training Program

Let’s get started.

Where are you today?

How much time can you devote to training?

If you have an hour of strength training every day, then it’s great. If you have a wife, three children and full-time work, then you may only have time to train 30 minutes every other day. It’s also just fine. No matter how much time you have, building an effective training program is crucial. Why work out 2 hours in the gym when you can reach the same in 30 minutes?

Which strength training exercises should I choose?

Keep it simple, stupid.

Unless you are hoping to look like a bodybuilder, I recommend you train your entire body every time you are in the full body workout. Try if you can’t reach the center two or three times a week. You should strive to create a program that has at least one exercise for your quads (front of legs), buttocks and hamstrings (the back of the legs), your “push” muscles, your “pull” muscles and your core. Yes, it actually means you can do a fullbody program with just 4 exercises. Is it effective enough?

Quads: Squats and lunges.
Lower back and hamstrings: Death lift, good mornings, hip raises.
Push (chest, shoulder and triceps): Dumbbell press, bench press, elbows and dips.
pull (back and biceps): Chin ups, rows and pull-to-chest.
Core (stomach and lower back): The plank, hanging play raises, crunches, maintain climbers and belly bends

How many sets should I make?

Without including a heating set or two, I would recommend that you make between 3-5 sets per exercise.

I would recommend that you make between 15-25 sets in each workout (5 or 6 exercises with 4 sets is a good start). More than 25 sets can either be an overkill (harm more than it benefits) or be a sign that you are not pushing yourself hard enough.

How many repetitions should I make?

A good thumb rule of thumb says that if you want to be strong then work out with heavy weight while you need to exercise with lighter weights if you want to be big and buff.

The most normal is to train between 8-15 repetitions in each set. If you can make more than 15 repetitions, then the exercise is too easy for you. Put some more emphasis on or choose another exercise.

Why does the number of repetitions mean so much?

Set of 1-5 repetitions builds super dense muscles and raw strength (also called myofibrillar hypertrophy)

Set of 6-12 repetitions builds up both muscular strength and muscular endurance.

Set of 12+ repeats builds muscular endurance and mass (this is called sarcoplasmic hypertrophy)

By strength training in all these areas, you build well-balanced and neat muscles – full of endurance, explosive power and strength.

How long should pause be between each set?

If you exercise with heavy weights, then you have to stay longer than if you are using light weights. This is due to, among other things, that you must be completely clear in the head, as incorrect (or wasteful) technique can mean bad damage.

1-3 repetitions: Rest for 3 to 5 min

4-7 repetitions: Rest for 2-3 minutes

8-12 repetitions: Rest for 1 to 2 min

13+ repetitions: Rest for 1 min

Keep in mind that this is only a rule of thumb. If you do not feel ready to move on to the next exercise, then extend the break. If your strength training program contains isolated exercises that only activate one smaller muscle, then you may well make the break even shorter than stated, provided your goal is muscle growth.

How long do I need strength training?

40 minutes to an hour.

If you make 15-25 sets then you should be able to finish your workout within 40-45 min. Supplement now 5-10 min of heating and extension subsequently, so the training can well pull out a little. If you can work out for over an hour and you do not feel completely exhausted, you simply do not push yourself hard enough!


Okay, I can see that this is a ridiculous amount of information, but they are all very important elements. Let’s break it down into small chunks:

ALWAYS warm up – 5-10 minutes – on a bike, rowing machine, skipping peat, running or the like.

Select a strength training exercise for each major muscle group – quads, buttocks and hoarding, push, pull and core.

Make 3-5 sets of each strength training exercise

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