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 Chin Augmentation Surgery



Nose and chin together determine the profile of your face. If they are disproportionate, a nose or chin correction can bring your profile back into balance. With a chin correction we can change the size and shape of your chin.

Chin enlargement with the help of a prosthesis is the most commonly performed form. Particularly when you have a relatively short chin or when your chin almost goes into the neck, enlargement with an implant gives a nice and subtle result.

For the treatment, photos are taken in your medical file. With a chin enlargement an incision is made under the chin. The implant is inserted through this incision, after which the incision is re-attached. We use a special adhesive technique that has been developed to give minimal scarring. That will soon give a very small scar that will hardly be visible.

The implant can also be inserted via the inside of the mouth. An incision is made at the level of the jaw between the lower teeth and the lower lip. This method leaves no scars but has the disadvantage that the chance of an infection is slightly larger. After applying the stitches your chin is covered with a plaster bandage.

A chin correction is performed under local anesthesia. You will receive injections with an anesthetic fluid. You are therefore conscious during the procedure and can return home immediately after the treatment. If you want, you can also undergo the treatment under anesthesia. There are additional costs associated with this.

As with most surgical procedures, there is a risk of an allergic reaction to the anesthetic fluids, disinfectants or patches. Also, despite the fact that sterile work is being carried out, an infection can occur. The chance of this is small, namely 1-2%. Sometimes there is disturbed wound healing or a bleeding. This does not have to have negative consequences for the result.

Specific complications that can occur after a chin correction are the shifting of the implant and capsular formation in which folds can become visible. In both cases a new procedure is needed to correct these problems. When the implant is placed through the inside of the mouth, infection may occur as a result of tooth brushing or eating.

Smoking increases the chance of an infection. We therefore strongly recommend that you stop three weeks before the procedure, and not to smoke three weeks after the procedure.

A profile changes your profile permanently. Adjusting your chin and / or jaw line can give your face a more feminine or masculine shape. The final result of a chin correction can be assessed after one month.

The material of which the prosthesis is made is called silicone block. This material does not give any rejection symptoms, but capsular formation can occur where folds are visible. During the final check in the clinic, photos are taken that are added to your medical file.







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