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There are many ways to combat aging today. But when the facial skin is really relaxed, a facelift is still the best option. Fortunately, a facelift is nowadays not as stressful as it used to be.

Thanks to new techniques, a facelift has become a less drastic operation. This has led to less long operations, softer scars and shorter recovery time. But what is perhaps even more important: the facelift techniques as used now at Velthuis clinic also give a much more natural rejuvenating effect.

What is a facelift?
A facelift is the best way to correct a relaxed facial skin. The skin and underlying muscle and connective tissue are tightened with a facelift. As a result, your neck and jaw regain their youthful contours and you look years younger. A modern facelift can be done under a 'roesje'.

Facelift treatment
For the treatment, photos are taken in your medical file.

The incision used for your facelift is as short as possible. The standard used incision for the ear to the earlobe is, if necessary, continued through the hairline, above the ear or sometimes behind the ear, depending on your personal circumstances (construction, type and condition of the skin, sex, etc). Where a facelift can usually suffice with lifting upwards, it may also be necessary for a neck lift to tighten the skin a bit more backwards.

During the operation, the skin is detached from the subcutaneous binder and muscle tissue (SMAS). This SMAS layer is actually the foundation of the face and has much more firmness than the skin itself. By lifting the SMAS, the skin goes along with it, so that the refreshing effect is obtained. This SMAS layer is therefore attracted and secured via special sutures. As a result, you will soon enjoy the procedure for longer. Finally, the amount of excess skin is cut away and the skin is stress-free. The latter is important to get a scar that is as little visible as possible. The surgery itself lasts about two hours, depending on the extent of it.

A modern facelift can be done perfectly under sedation (a "rose"). Here you lie down to nap and sleep without having pain or feeling the stinging of local anesthetic, but you remain awake. However, narcosis is also a good option. Your doctor will discuss with you what is the best option for you.

Risks and complications
As with most surgical procedures, there is a risk of an allergic reaction to the anesthetic fluids, disinfectants or patches. Also, despite the fact that sterile work is being carried out, an infection can occur. The chance of this is small, namely 1-2%.

With every extended surgical procedure there is a very small chance of thrombosis. Sometimes there is disturbed wound healing or a bleeding. There are also small risks associated with the narcosis.

Specific complications with a facelift are the damage to nerves in the face, asymmetry (which usually also exists beforehand), hair loss, formation of hypertrophic (= thickened) scars and permanent numbness in a part of the face. If you do not stop smoking for several weeks before and after the treatment, the risk of dying skin tissue is clearly increased. 






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