Beards are beautiful, a fashion, a statement, a sign of laziness or lack of care. Men wear beards for various reasons or do not need a reason to leave a beard. The hair just grows and some leave it that way. Others pay a lot of attention to the hair on their chins and take care of the beard with attention. Research shows that there are a lot of bacteria in beards. Just as much as on the toilet seat. Who would want a beard or kiss with someone with facial hair? beard growth vitamins Or is the soup not eaten as hot as it is served?

Bacteria in the beard

Bacteria in the beard

A beard is hip, or just warm under the chin. A sign of masculinity or a part of the experience of faith. Microbiologists discovered after research that a beard can also be unhygienic. Some beards are so dirty that the state of hygiene is comparable to that of an average toilet. Or even more dirty.

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Dirty like toilet seat

American researchers started using cotton swabs and passed them through a couple of test subjects. The harvest was grown and the material that came out of the beards turned out to score very well in the field of bacteria. Or very bad, it is just how you look at it. Microbiologist John Golobic of Quest Diagnostics in New Mexico was surprised by the number of bacteria he and his fellow researchers found in facial hair.

Poop bacteria

There are bacteria that you would expect, but there were also bacteria found in faeces. Poop bacteria – it is actually bacteria that occur in the intestines and therefore also in shit – should not be in a beard, you would say. Normally for a toilet, but in a beard? And yet they are in it. It turns out that beards are great gathering places for many bacteria.


Scientific research shows that beards can spread diseases, but we are not allowed to shave all beard men together. Men with beards do not have to get sick of their eldorado for germs or to be a source of contamination for others. They must then pay attention to their beards and wash them regularly. There is generally poor hygiene in bearded bearers and the research of microbiologists reveals that very finely.

Stiff facial hair

That it is the beards where the bacteria thrive because of bad care but also because of the structure of the hair. Facial hair is stiffer than other hair and therefore contains more germs. It easily catches bacteria and other dirt. A lot of touching the beard contributes to the hair becoming dirty and to the spread of the bacteria.

Men with beards

In general, the beard contains the same bacteria that are found everywhere on the skin, plus some extras. Men with beards obviously have more bacteria than men with bald chins or women…