Why are F&Q Important Brain Supplement Ingredients? The major advantage that HCF Happy, Calm & Focused has over most other brain supplements is the mix of F&Q amino acids formulated with synergistic neuro-nutrients and amino acids. Many people take high-dose multi-vitamins or herb formulations that aren’t specific to brain nutrition; HCF Happy, Calm & Focused is a brain supplement. These high-dose vitamins and herb supplements may actually make people feel better for a little while, but this effect is usually short-lived.

Why are F&Q Important Brain Supplement Ingredients

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A more long-term solution is to provide nutrients to the brain and allow the brain to do what it already knows how to do to make people happier, calmer, and more focused. HCF Happy, Calm & Focused fits this bill by naturally supporting the brain’s own neurotransmitters with the amino acids and vitamins it needs to help the brain function at an optimal level. When the brain is healthy, the benefits can be long-term and there can be fewer short-term highs and lows.

HCF Happy, Calm, and Focused is powered by the amino acids F, or DL-Phenylalanine, and Q, or L-Glutamine.These powerful and essential amino acids are found in whole food proteins like fish, cheese, turkey, and milk. This natural brain supplement supports the increase in the levels of neurotransmitters that are associated with feelings of well-being and concentration. The more of these important neurotransmitters the brain creates, the more focused, contented, and calm people may feel.

It is stated that we need the equivalent of 16 lbs. of fish, 2 lbs. of cheese, 2 gallons of milk, and 2 lbs of turkey, which internationally recognized Dr. Kenneth Blum, Ph. D., D.A.C.A.D. says is the required amount of protein to be able to cope with the stressed-out life people live daily and to keep people’s neurotransmitter levels normal. Most people couldn’t eat all that food in a week, especially considering that other types of foods besides proteins would need to be added for optimal body functioning. It could be impossible to eat all this and not gain tremendous amounts of weight, thus risking people’s health in different ways.

Yet, if people are not eating that amount of protein, then it is possible people’s brains may be starving for nutrition. Taking those one-size-fits-all vitamins might just be tricking the brain, not nourishing it. Providing your brain with the amino acids that are precursors to the formation of neurotransmitters helps the brain help itself, and the results could be much longer-lasting, satisfying, and healthy than the short-term artificial lift provided by most brain supplements. HCF Happy, Calm & Focused supports optimum brain function in a natural and safe way.