You can use supplements to supplement your diet. Using supplements can have multiple purposes. This way you can achieve faster results through bodybuilding supplements. In addition to the combustion of carbohydrates, fat and proteins, you also burn numerous vitamins and minerals. By adding special bodybuilding dietary supplements you are also sure that you get enough.


Types of Dietary supplements for bodybuilding

Dietary supplements for bodybuilding come in all shapes and sizes. Usually there are products that you can get in the form of capsules, powder, liquid form and / or tablets. Common dietary supplements for bodybuilding are:


Creatine is a product that is also produced by the human body. However, an increased intake can provide your muscles with temporary stamina. This means you can go the extra mile on your training !

Protein shakes

Shakes, also called ‘whey’, is a powdered product. You should mix this with water or milk. The shakes mainly consist of fast proteins that are quickly absorbed by the body. It is best to take a protein shake after your workout.

Fish oil

Not the most delicious from this section. But nevertheless very useful. Fish oil namely reduces fat storage and keeps the joints flexible.


We close the list with glutamine. Your muscles will be damaged during your workouts. Glutamine is an amino acid that helps repair damaged proteins. This allows your muscles to recover optimally.

Side effects supplements

Vomiting, fainting or even palpitations. Just some of the side effects that come with taking dietary supplements for bodybuilders. To get more insight into the ingredients of all those shakes, powders and pills, there is now the Supplement Guide App.