There are several reasons why one can be impatient with hair growth. Perhaps you have just been to the hairdresser who cut the hair too short. Perhaps you are busy getting one of the popular full beards.

There are plenty of reasons, but then the question is just: How quickly does hair grow on us humans?

If you look for a specific answer to the question, then the hair from the hair follicle grows by approx. 0.3 to 0.4 mm a day. This corresponds to a hair growth of about 1.2 cm a month, and to approx. 14.4 cm a year. However, it is an average speed, because hair growth is not constant and stable.

Hair has periods of growth, but also hibernation. If you set aside a year to grow a beard, then this clip shows what you can look forward to.

Can you get beards to grow faster?

When it becomes popular to have a full beard and you don’t have time to wait several months before it looks like something, it might be nice to have a quick fix.

Unfortunately, there is no method that can help you build a full beard of less than one month, it is physically impossible. But something you can actually do to help beard growth a bit on the way.

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Biotin Supplements

A healthy and varied diet helps ensure that your body has the best conditions for optimal hair growth. However, it is not always a varied diet that covers your vitamin needs. In particular, biotin, which is part of the vitamin B, is important for your hair, skin and nails.

It is confirmed that biotin improves the infrastructure of the body’s keratin, which is the protein of your hair.

If you do not get enough biotin through the diet, you can advantageously implement it as a tablet dietary supplement. Participants in a study in 2015 experienced a noticeable improvement in both hair growth and hair quality, after a period of 90 and 180 days of daily intake of biotin. The people who participated in the study were already in thin hair.

If you suffer from thin hair, poor beard growth and hair loss, it is especially good to take extra biotin. However, one must expect that it takes between 90 and 180 days before one can clearly see an improvement.

In addition, there are also several benefits to implementing biotin grants for its diet plan, see them all below.

How does biotin help ?:

Contributes to healthy and strong hair and nails.
Helps maintain a normal blood sugar level.
Helps the body fight stress.
Plays a role in the conversion of fat to energy.

When to take extra biotin ?:

When drinking large amounts of alcohol.
When suffering from very thin hair and hair loss.
When you do with stress