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The nose is in the middle of the face and is therefore very decisive for your appearance. If the shape disturbs you, it can have a big impact on your self-confidence. A small change can already mean a major improvement. A nose correction is therefore a much-needed cosmetic surgical procedure.

With a nose correction we can change the size and shape of your nose. Sometimes it is only a simple procedure to make the nose tip or nostrils narrower. Sometimes complicated surgeries are needed on the nose bridge or the entire nose. The angle between the nose tip and upper lip can also be adjusted.

What is a nose correction
A nose correction is an operation that involves changing the shape or size of the nose. Sometimes only the nose tip or the nostrils are made narrower, sometimes the entire nose bridge is adjusted. A nose correction is a much needed cosmetic procedure that can give you more confidence.

For the treatment, photos are taken in your medical file. The operation generally takes place under anesthesia. Most corrections are performed through the nostrils (closed nose correction).

In some cases it is necessary to perform an open nose correction. A cut is made on the outside of the nose partition.

With a closed operation you will not get any scars on the outside of the nose. If only the nose tip is corrected, you will receive a bandage over the nose after the operation.

If you have undergone a full correction, you will also have a splint over the nose after the operation. In both cases, wound pads come into both nostrils to collect the wound fluid. These may go out the third day after the operation. The surgery itself takes two to three hours, the preparation for the surgery about half an hour. Restoring the narcosis takes a few hours.

Usually you go under anesthesia. But it is also possible under local anesthesia. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will choose the anesthetic that best suits the procedure.

You may be confronted with an anesthetic because of the unpleasant feeling afterwards. Then it is good to know that Velthuis clinic works with special anesthetics, which prevent you from feeling sick after anesthesia. Until you leave the clinic, you will be accompanied by a nurse, the anaesthesiologist and your plastic surgeon.

As with most surgical procedures, there is a risk of an allergic reaction to the anesthetic fluids, disinfectants or patches. Also, despite the fact that sterile work is being carried out, an infection can occur. The chance of this is small, namely 1-2%.

Sometimes there is disturbed wound healing or a bleeding. There are also small risks associated with the narcosis. Specific complications is a long-lasting numb feeling of the nose tip.






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